Letters to the Editor

Stick with founders’ vision

Our Founding Fathers had the knowledge and vision for our democracy. They were not fools. They knew what evil can do. Their road map was well planned. Those plans were woven around the everlasting. Those who stand for God, this country and Israel are on solid ground. No room for outsiders crawling around behind our backs.

In response to a letter from Steve Kassa Jr.: President Obama hates the United States and Israel because of the hard work to make it prosper. His purpose is to take and rob. He hates people who get in his way. Greed and no responsibility. He needs guns, secrets and money, etc., to furnish Iran and Cuba. His plans could backfire. Whose side is he on?

“The wicked chase down those who suffer. Let them be caught in their own traps.”

“The Lord is King forever and ever. Destroy from your land those nations that do not worship you.”

This is our land.

I honor the vision of my ancestors; the freedom of our country is democracy. Honor that which is good.

Betty Storll