Letters to the Editor

Get U.S. turned around

Our great country, the United States of America, is sliding backward; it’s going in the wrong direction. We have a so-called leader and his administration that is dysfunctional, embarrassing and a disgrace to our country. With all the deception and traitorous leadership coming from this group, you can’t go anywhere but backward.

This group is responsible for a huge majority of our slide, but not all of it. Some of it rests with the people.

We have let the government satisfy a minority of the population by passing some very stupid and vicious laws that are designed to ruin our morale and go against Christianity. We let these treacherous traitors of the American way of life lead us around by our nose because we were too lazy to find out just how sleazy they were. We voted them in like it was just a game.

We have let government take God and prayer out of schools and public gatherings so as not to offend all the other religions. That’s a very stupid move. If the immigrants thought so much of their way of life, why didn’t they stay where they were? Most of the present immigrants didn’t come here to better themselves either; they are here for all sorts of reasons, and not all of them are good ones.

Why can’t we demand God and prayer be reinstated at public gatherings and in schools, and that those who don’t like it don’t participate?

Terry Hunt