Letters to the Editor

Who will inspire our nation?

I wonder, is there a Martin Luther King in our midst? The last few years, there hasn’t been anyone even remotely similar to that wonderful soul.

We need someone who wants to bring our country together, not divide it. Yes, there are those not considered minorities who choose to abuse their position and power. But is there really that much repression? Everyday business, government and public service is overwhelmingly protective of an individual’s rights and dignity.

We need someone or some people willing to break the web of deceit and speak with passion of what brings us together more than divides us – someone who can persuade those in broken families and drug-inflicted areas and ones where education is devalued to make the right choices.

We need a beacon of light and hope to lead those who blame others for their plight – someone who instills personal responsibility and accountability and then gives a way to overcome. I’m convinced we need a leader for what’s right to negate this deception. Who will take that challenge?

Steven Tempia