Letters to the Editor

Misguided on Iran treaty

I will not try to address the allegations in Frankie Seaberry’s recent hysterical letter to the BND individually, but point out the total misconception of her tirade.

The crux of Seaberry’s letter is that if you oppose President Obama’s ill-advised treaty with Iran, you are unpatriotic, Republican, a warmonger, rejection of the treaty will lead directly to war and all of those who oppose it should join in the fighting.

I would like to point out that a large number of Democrats also oppose the treaty, war is not the only option, many experts have concluded the treaty will lead to Iran possessing nuclear weapons and Iran cannot be trusted to keep its end of the bargain. Based on Seaberry’s conclusions, I would suggest that since Obama has sent tens of thousands of young Americans in harm’s way, he should pick up a rifle and join them.

Seaberry’s last paragraph is sheer emotional tripe with the usual racial overtones. Adoption of Obama’s proposed treaty will provide Iran with billions of dollars, which it will surely use to finance terrorism throughout the world, put the United States, Israel and the world in jeopardy and will eventually lead to a nuclear war.

Seaberry’s letter hasn’t convinced me that Obama doesn’t hate America, and we all know how his wife feels.

Leon Anderson