Letters to the Editor

GOP can’t end ACA

You had an excellent editorial on Monday calling for the continuation and change for the better of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

While I would have liked to have seen it repealed as a result of a different outcome of the 2012 election, we conservatives did not do what was needed for the election of Mitt Romney.

Now, the insurance industry has adapted and health care for millions of Americans is based on the ACA.

Any serious effort to dismantle the ACA following the 2016 election would make the difficulties during the transition into ACA look like the good old days and destroy the electability of Republicans for a decade or more.

We conservatives have made our bed and now we must sleep in it. We had our chance to end the ACA and threw it away.

To fight some sort of forlorn battle to repeal the ACA at this point in time would simply make it a near certainty that the far left would reach their goal of a single-payer system.

Our best option – our only real, workable option now – is to strive to make the ACA better.

David L. Griffith