Letters to the Editor

How can judges be fair?

About the Illinois state workers’ pensions: First, there isn’t a judge on the planet who can make a legal decision on these pensions because it’s a conflict of interest.

They are all in a state pension fund (not part of the reforms but could be added if the court had upheld them), and those who aren’t won’t vote against another judge.

Second, it’s double taxation on us citizens because we have already paid this money into their pension plan through our tax dollars once, and now we are expected to pay it all over again because these very intelligent people never had an administrator overseeing the funds to see that the money was in place every year.

Now whose fault is that? It’s sure not the taxpayers’ fault. Better yet, they still don’t have someone doing this job.

Gov. Bruce Rauner should tell these judges to go take a hike because they have no right to make decisions on anything that could involve them.

Dennis Kaufmann