Letters to the Editor

News laced with opinion

BND reporter Mike Fitzgerald’s climate change article reads more like a partisan left-wing political piece than an informative article on climate change. Did any of these so-called climate change experts explain what happened to all the ice that once covered the Midwest? Perhaps the glaciers melted because cavemen built fires in their caves? Can any of these so-called experts explain why America suffered through the Dust Bowl between 1930 and 1939?

Here is a real fact. The Earth’s climate has been changing for thousands of years and it will continue to change. Since countries like China and India generate significantly more pollution than the United States, maybe Fitzgerald can persuade these so-called experts to spend some of their time preaching in those countries? Forgot, the other countries won’t pay a bunch of left-wing alarmists to be so-called climate change experts.

Speaking of being partisan, this article certainly hits the mark. Perhaps it’s not partisan politics paralyzing Congress. If we didn’t have some people in Congress with common sense and a measure of intelligence, the American middle class would be paying double for their utility bills. Even worse, more government regulation would destroy more American businesses and industries.

Why not write about the amount of fossil fuels used to build batteries for electric cars? Don’t forget to include the fossil fuels used to charge the batteries. Even better, why not explain what happens to the deadly, corrosive chemicals used to manufacture the batteries and what happens to the batteries when they are no longer functioning?

Pete Hill