Letters to the Editor

Cars of the future exist now

I read the big article “2025 Fuel Economy Standards” with sad amusement.

Once again the argument over increasing our automobiles’ miles per gallon is portrayed as either the greatest thing coming or the worst fate that may befall the auto industry. One side of the argument cites the added cost of making these high mpg magic cars, saying $2,000 more for a car like this will impoverish the car buyer. The other says we must improve tail pipe emissions to stop global warming or we all die.

Both sides say accomplishing this will take great sacrifice on our part. Both sides are full of bull.

Here are some interesting facts about cars with great mpg. In Europe you can buy any of these cars from $15,000 to $30,000. All of these cars get better than 90 mpg highway; all are illegal to drive in the United States: The Peugeot 308, the Citroen C4 Cactus, the Kia Rio 1.1, Common Rail Direct Injection, and, of course, the Ford Focus 1.5 TurboCharged Direct Injection.

There are dozens more, all very nice cars, all less expensive than ours and all with three to four times the mpg of ours. None of them can be imported into the USA.

The same government that is telling us it will be hard but we must strive to achieve 50-some mpg is blocking access to autos that get close to 100 mpg now. Why are they doing this, because lots and lots of money can be made from us now.

Ed Tourigny