Letters to the Editor

An affair to remember

As director of the Collinsville Township Senior Citizens Center, I am always impressed with the Collinsville High School Student Council members who sponsor our annual Senior Prom. We recently had a night of dinner, dancing and companionship as the young adults hired a caterer, a DJ, and decorated our Senior Center. After approximately 120 senior citizens enjoyed the evening, the Student Council members cleaned our building and returned it to its original state. Student Council sponsors Kyle Gordon and Alice Carrol supervised the entire event.

In these times of uncertainty, its nice to know there are dedicated students who go out of their way to help others and work to sponsor events like ours. I am sure there are many students like this in every town, they just don't get the publicity.

On behalf of myself, Township Supervisor Terry "Bones" Allan, the staff of the Senior Center and all the senior citizens who attended, I want to thank the Student Council for this annual event. It is definitely the highlight of our year. May all their dreams come true.

Albert Artimisi


Collinsville Township Senior Center