Letters to the Editor

Shrewd government in action

The purchase of $853,000 worth of solar panels by the Collinsville Area Recreation District for Splash City, which can break even on savings in 101 years, is and forever will be a classic case of government in action.

I am sure it will not be taught to students as the folly it is since the teachers are essentially government workers also, and the important thing to draw from this insane business transaction is that the intentions to save money and stop global warming were sincere. After all, they were “going green!”

This transaction reminds me of the scene in the movie “Rocky” when Rocky is wearing a robe out to the ring to fight that says Shamrock Meats advertised on the back. When his manager asks him about it, Rocky says his friend Paulie is getting $5,000 from the meat company and Rocky gets to keep the robe. To which his manager dryly replies: “Shrewd.”

There are millions of examples of Splash City business ability all through government, and it’s always easy to spend someone else’s money. Yea, Big Government is the answer to all our problems, or maybe the cause of all our problems. True or false?

I hope the solar panels have a great 100-year warranty.

Brent Rains