Letters to the Editor

At least there’s gas to pump

I share BND letter writer John Bauer’s concerns about rising gas prices. Sadly there doesn’t always appear to be any rhyme or reason to these frequent price fluctuations. Day-to-day or even hour-to-hour price changes seem to be done on a whim or a lark by some mysterious “gas god.”

That’s what makes it all so bedeviling.

Looking on the bright side: At least there’s plenty of gas to go around as long as you’ve got the dough to make it flow.

Hearken back to the 1970s when drivers were victimized by a different spin. Gas was under a buck a gallon but there were sporadic gas shortages. Accessibility was not 24-7 like we enjoy today.

Rationing, price controls and mandated reduced speed limits were used to regulate and conserve.

I recall anxiously sitting in my car under a blistering Florida sun, waiting in a line of vehicles that seemingly stretched as far as the eye could see.

We’d lurch along, with gas gauges on “E,” creeping ever more impatiently toward our turn at the pump. Pity the driver with poor planning skills who ended up actually pushing his car the final distance. You could only pray that the pumps wouldn’t go dry before you got your turn.

Maybe high gas prices aren’t so bad after all.

Bill Malec