Letters to the Editor

Paying the price of war

It’s time for all these countries to start paying for our troops to fight their wars. Countries like Iraq and Pakistan can’t stand us but they are always asking for our help.

Tell these countries that they have to pay for our troops being there. Our troops are sent into these war-torn countries and do the job they should be doing for themselves. The Iraq war almost caused us to have to borrow money from the Chinese to pay our bills.

The countries should have to make restitution to troops’ families who lose a son or a husband. Why should we pay the cost of war that’s not our war in the first place?

Our troops are the best trained fighters in the world. Who takes care of these troops upon their return? The VFW is not going to do it. The VFW is a bad joke.

It’s time for our government to demand that these countries always asking for American troops help pay the cost.

Robert Kirkland Jr.