Letters to the Editor

Let the people pick a vendor

So another Art of the Square has come and gone. I have the pleasure of hearing from a large number of people and their comments on what they thought about the art fair. They always ask: “Did you go; what did you buy?” And then they all say the exact same thing: “It’s all the same stuff, not enough variety, same old vendors every year.”

I find it hard to believe that Doug and Renee Sigwarth of Sigwarth Glass were put on a waiting list with the hopes for a cancellation to open up a spot. Their work by far is a talent not as easily repeated. The two of them have a unique history of being descendants from a family who blew glass for centuries throughout Europe.

It would be great to see Art on the Square find a way to organize a system called the People’s Choice. There could be a selection of artists every month listed in the BND to vote on and at the end of 12 months, we, the people, could vote for one as our selection instead of a committee selecting all of the vendors.

Terry Campo