Letters to the Editor

Pot farm, headers and more

Boy, oh boy, a pot farm in East St. Louis. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. What are those people thinking?

The term “medical marijuana” is a joke; anybody who wants it can get it, just like alcohol and cigarettes. So much for the local wildlife and turkeys that are being “displaced” from their home. This is just what East St. Louis needs with all its current problems.

“Powerful, elevated” floodlights have never deterred crime — neither have fences or security guards.

I can’t wait to encounter all those cannabis users on the road, driving in a fog. We thought phones and texting while driving were a distraction. Just wait.

On another subject, I agree with a recent letter writer about the headers in soccer. That’s got to have lasting effects.

Also, people, stop releasing all those balloons already for all the events going on. Don’t you know wildlife of all kinds eat them and die?

Protect the environment and throw recyclable confetti. Thanks.

Dianne Jany