Letters to the Editor

Follow the taxes

Opinionated: a belief or judgment based on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

Our public schools over the past 15 years have contributed more tax revenue for more brick, mortar and steel along with Silicon Valley. Yet not one dime for adding even one teacher to the faculty, the real only good tool to better education. Instead they have over the 15 years threatened to lay them off. This is not opinion, this is fact.

Tax Increment Financing does raise property taxes. Take a good look at your property tax information sheet and property taxes collected, locate TIFs in the column. Whatever this dollar amount is, it will be the amount of property taxes removed from where they are supposed to go. When this happens there is a shortfall for all the taxing bodies. To fix this shortage they have to raise your property taxes enough to cover the loss.

It is hard to visualize because it isn’t that noticeable when they spread the increase across all the taxpayers in a taxing district, whether or not you live in or near a TIF district.

James E. Saffel Sr.