Letters to the Editor

Focused on corruption

Did St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly take an oath and swear to uphold the laws of Illinois? The state Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission should revoke his law license because he has failed miserably at applying the law to all criminals.

Since I’ve never heard back from U.S. Rep. Mike Bost about calling for a federal investigation into St. Clair County and the East St. Louis Election Board, I guess he doesn’t give a damn either.

If I or any of my siblings ever voted or supported these corrupt politicians in St. Clair County, my late father would have come out of his grave. My late mother would have taken a switch to us, also.

My parents raised us to not back down or run from anybody. We hold our own. This is why I support the St. Clair County Freedom Coalition.

Thank you to radio host Bob Romanik. Without the “Grim Reaper” we wouldn’t know 90 percent of the corruption in St. Clair County.

Harold Griffin