Letters to the Editor

Vindicated on MidAmerica

I found realistic and sensible reading in your editorial May 29, “Debt flies high at MidAmerica.”

We who opposed the building of the airport in the beginning are vindicated now. We can tell the Scott joint-use proponents: I told you so.

Every time I read anything about MidAmerica Airport, it always reminds me of what a Canadian once said about American draft dodgers fleeing to Canada during the Vietnam War: “We did not want your undesirables then or now.” In much the same way, we did not want that airport in the beginning; we do not appreciate it leeching our tax dollars now.

I found it interesting that in reference to the bond issue and refinancing, the bonds will be paid off in 2045 (instead of the original goal of 2029). That is a positive aspect of the matter.

In 2045, we will be observing the 100th anniversary of the end of World War II. Perhaps then we could arrange for the last flyable B-17 or B-25 to land at the airport as we observe the end of the Second World War. In other words, 30 years from now there might be a bright side of the airport issue.

Now more than ever is when we should be asking the airport proponents: Where are the 15,000 jobs that the airport was predicted to generate? After all, that was the big selling point. The joint-use airport proponents would incur a loss of face inasmuch as they have incurred a loss of credibility now.

Frank B. Austin