Letters to the Editor

Give police the proper support

I’ve always been a vocal advocate regarding the remarkable job the Fairview Heights Police Department does, but additionally, police departments as a whole – despite the fact that as a high school freshman, I was carted off to the local police station for naively carrying a six-pack of unopened beer I had won while playing poker at a local fair.

Despite unusually challenging times the police have endured in cities like Cleveland, Baltimore and Ferguson over the past year, these extraordinary men and women continue to protect and serve. And, often times, it is done without the support of politicians.

Public servants like President Obama, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake placed these men and women in injurious positions by prematurely questioning their judgment and not allowing them to do their jobs. Several times Obama rendered critical comments regarding the police before facts were even gathered. As a former community activist, Obama’s done a superb job of (ironically) increasing division between the black and white races.

City blocks of Ferguson and Baltimore were allowed to burn as malcontents briefly seized control. However, as former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has openly shared on the public airwaves, you throw a rock at us (the police), and a rock is coming back in return.

Citizens, as well as the police, should not be immune from attempting to live by the Golden Rule. And politicians should defer to police officials so they can use their noteworthy knowledge during these volatile situations.

Steve Frazier