Letters to the Editor

Don’t limit winning to sports

In 1960 when I graduated from Cahokia High School, our cheer was, “ I’m from Cahokia and I couldn’t be prouder, if you can’t hear me now, I’ll yell a little louder.” This is the way the athletes and coaches made me feel recently when both the boys and girls won state in track. Cahokia has also made me feel proud in their basketball and football accomplishments.

However, I’m very disappointed that the students and teachers apparently don’t place the same importance on academics. It’s disappointing to know that Cahokia is still on the State Board of Education’s watch list, and the majority of students can’t meet state academic minimum scores compared to other schools, or graduate on time.

Parents need to make sure their kids attend school on a regular basis. Absenteeism is unacceptable.

Parents also need to ensure that the school board is represented by qualified individuals who believe the students’ education is No. 1 and don’t get involved in politics. If teachers aren’t doing their job, they need to go. No exceptions.

Al Bollinger