Letters to the Editor

Obama’s refugee racket

There is a secrecy of the refugee racket, which does its best to operate under the radar. We are learning of this racket from Ann Corcoran, who has made it her mission to ferret out the facts and publish them in her blog, Refugee Resettlement Watch.

The asylum immigrants are brought into our country and settled in 180 U.S. cities by nine contractors (pretending to be religious charities) and 350 subcontractors. These lucky immigrants are mostly selected by the United Nations’ high commissioner for refugees.

The contractors are paid by the head with taxpayer money. These numbers are expanded by bringing in the refugees’ family. The feds give them start-up money for three to six months, and everything free –housing, food, health care, job counseling and training.

We now have U.S. school districts where dozens of different languages are spoken. They cannot speak English or even Spanish. It has become a tremendous cost to the taxpayer to provide interpreters in schools and in the criminal justice system.

Neither the Democrats or Republicans are doing a good job for us. Remember the NAFTA trade agreement that was signed into law and sent jobs out of the country? We do not need the Pacific Rim Agreement either.

Betty Homyer

Granite City