Letters to the Editor

In defense of the VFW

I don’t know where BND letter writer Robert Kirkland Jr. came up with his comment: “The VFW won’t do anything.” The Veterans of Foreign Wars does and has helped veterans out over the years, on local, district, department and national levels.

The VFW is not the VA, if that is what he is thinking. The VFW is a non-profit organization that supports programs for our veterans and provides assistance to them. I know my post has many times provided assistance to local veterans. In many cases they were not members of the post or did not qualify to be a member. But since they are veterans, we are willing to provide all the assistance we can.

Also, the VFW helps sponsor the service officer programs at various locations at no cost to any veteran who needs it, member or not.

The VFW in Illinois works hard to do what it can for its veterans and I know that for a fact.

If Kirkland has an issue with the VFW, he should call the office in Springfield at the department level and file a legitimate complaint.

Thomas Lucken