Letters to the Editor

No defense by Democrats

I am writing the BND concerning the controversial A.M. radio personality Bob Romanik, alias the Grim Reaper of KQQZ. My listening experience has been mind blasting, to say the least. His continual character assassination of members of the St. Clair County Democratic Party should be addressed by their rebuttal word for word. It is time for a showdown as my confidence as a registered Democrat in this community is all but trashed.

It would serve the listening public well if our elected representatives and officials call him and defend their job performance and moral character. Alas, I believe that day is not forthcoming.

It is amazing the mud his program throws out. I do admire that he has the intestinal fortitude to bring to light the corruption that exists with politicians in general.

In conclusion, it appears to me that Romanik is a political prophet and the Grim Reaper has earned sainthood.

William Rainbolt