Letters to the Editor

Judicial blunder ahead?

You know it’s funny; when it comes to our nation's birth certificate, The Declaration of Independence, we're fine with the creator endowing us with the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But when it comes to the issue of marriage, well, that's another matter.

He better keep his opinions to himself. After all, we know better and, by golly, we’re a secular country. And, since we love the warm and fuzzy catch-phrase of “marriage equality,” we have collectively decided that things that are in no way equal, are now equal. What fools we have become.

Listen, if the requirements for marriage are reduced to affection and sexual attraction, then any and every convoluted combination must, by definition, be accepted, along with the consequences thereof. And if the Supreme Court makes the supreme blunder by authorizing the change; if the justices decide to override the mandate of nature’s God; if they decide to overrule the supreme judge of the world, they are no better than the Taney court, whcih handed down the infamous Dred Scott decision, or the Burger court, which found hidden in the Fourth Amendment the right to kill babies in the womb.

Robert Edwards

Granite City