Letters to the Editor

Political power in balance

Our country will be 239 years old soon and has always had two dominant political parties with one acting as the conscience for the other.

I believe that very important dynamic is what has enabled the United States to become the greatest nation in history. Politics go one way for a while and then they swing around the other way, but we have always stayed somewhere near the center of the liberal/conservative spectrum.

The Republicans were not the group who argued for safer working conditions, shorter work weeks and child labor laws. The Democrats own that, and the Republicans should never underestimate the Democrats’ ability to get votes on Election Day.

I believe we need to respect that important dynamic of checks and balances and understand that we need to consider every issue from an aspect of what do both sides want and why.

When people ask me why I support the Republicans, I tell them I believe we need to allow commercial enterprise to live, thrive and survive. It forms the nucleus of our economy and society.

Abundant and profitable commercial enterprise is what provides employment opportunities for our citizens, and I have made it my purpose to protect their financial and material interests. Since enough other people agree with me, the Democrats should never underestimate the Republicans’ ability to get votes on Election Day.

United we stand. Divided we fall. Together we are No. 1.

Brad Sewell