Letters to the Editor

All about the green

For those around here who believe they have their hands on the pulse of the nation and care to blame President Obama for everything, the real lesson is taught in what those with the most money want, and what they do to get it.

Nokia was one of the biggest names in cell phones in the beginning of that era. Then came the Blackberry, which was a must have for business people. The Apple iPhone was thought by them a novelty that used up its minutes too fast and would never work long term. Flash forward to Motorola and the Razer. Now we have a much smaller choice. Apple phones, Android phones and few others. The players are primarily Apple and Samsung. The government had nothing to do with this. It’s survival of the fittest.

Now this is happening to TV and Internet use. Where there were once many, now there are few. In the last month AT&T bought Direct TV and Charter has bought out TimeWarner cable. So, since the radio frequencies were sold, limiting what we could get by antenna and causing us to have to purchase a decoder box, we are left with Dish, Direct (ATT), Comcast, and Charter. Their are still a few regional servers in local areas, but for most of us this is it. Wait and see how this affects your life as it most assuredly will.

Joseph M. Reichert