Letters to the Editor

Sound-off 6/8/2015

See Cook’s side

I’m calling about the June 1 Sound-off and the letter saying that Belleville City Clerk Dallas Cook should learn to listen and take criticism. That goes both ways; he walked into an office where everything was set up and workers had to do it their way. He is trying it his way to make Belleville a little better than it is so maybe so many people won’t be moving out.

Use the full name

I was disappointed to read a recent BND editorial in which “Stan Span” was used to refer to the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge. How fast we forget. Memorial Day was not even two weeks ago. Is it really worth saving a couple of dozen key strokes to shortchange not only Stan the Man but our veterans?

Put bonds to a vote

I read the recent BND editorial on the refinancing of MidAmerica Airport bonds with great interest. If St. Clair County is incurring that kind of debt (reported $88 million, up from $39.85 million) why don’t county taxpayers get a chance to vote? Many, many people might see this as fiscal irresponsibility by the County Board. What are they thinking?

Coverage lacking

St. Clair Country Club hosted a women’s U.S Open qualifier and the only thing we read about in the BND was Alex Anderson from Belleville. I get wanting to focus on a local person but there were women from around the world who traveled to Belleville to compete in this tourney. Not only did the reporter not mention where they were from but he gave no stats on how the field finished . It is not every day a club gets asked to host an event like this and here it is in our own back yard. Leave it to BND not to give credit where credit is due.

Waiting on Hardt

We are well past two years since Bellevville Treasurer Dean Hardt was elected on the promise of eliminating the treasurer's office but nothing as been done. Was that just another political lie? Is he enjoying his taxpayer paycheck too much to give it up?

Weather opposites

Global warming supposedly caused the drought in Texas last year. Now people are claiming it is causint all the rain in Texas. Can the same thing be responsible for complete opposites? Using that thinking, whatever creates light, creates dark.

What’s the cost?

The work of the Shriners is all well and good. But has anyone ever asked, what does it cost Belleville to host the parade – city workers cleaning the streets, paying for extra police officers, etc.? What does it all cost the taxpayers?

Work with St. E’s

Under the state’s certificate of need for the new St. Elizabeth’s Hospital location in O’Fallon, the hospital system must maintain a presence of approximately 200 employees in Belleville for two years. Being sued by Belleville does not encourage St. Elizabeth’s to stay in Belleville after two years. City taxpayers lose money to the attorneys that could be used to clean up downtown Belleville. Even worse, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital will lose thousands of dollars in attorney fees to fight the baseless suit when this money could be used for charity care. If an independent committee already gave unanimous approval after hearing both sides, why does the losing side feel it is right to sue? Is this why St. Clair County is considered a lawsuit hellhole?

Move on, Belleville

I read in the BND that Belleville has filed suit to try to stop the previously approved move of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital to O’Fallon. It mentioned the groundbreaking. Not sure what ground is actually left to break at the site. It has resembled a heavy equipment operators’ convention there since just after the approval. Some things just can’t and won’t be undone. It’s time for Belleville to move on as construction definitely is.

Desperate to deal

Regarding the Iranian nuclear bomb deal: What about the American being held in Iran? That’s not even being mentioned. We should be saying something about this and other things. But because we want a deal so badly, we’ll take a bad deal.

Change work rules

I am tired about this crying of foreign steel. It’s not foreign steel, it’s union greed. When you have to pay a man triple time to work a holiday, double time to work on a Sunday and pay him to be there with nothing to do, there’s a problem. We need right to work.

No vote fraud?

No voter fraud in St. Clair County, really? It is apparent there is by the recent news article stating that at least three people voted multiple absentee ballots for East St. Louis write-in candidate Alvin Parks based on a handwriting analysis. I wonder if State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly will do an in-depth investigation into the Cahokia voter fraud problems, or is he going to let it slide because of the good old boys?. He needs to spend as much time on Cahokia as on East St. Louis, Centreville and the rest of the area and their voter fraud problems.

Look beyond Parks

Stop trying to vilify former East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks, stop trying to validate the hollow election win of his opponent and stop trying to suppress votes in East St. Louis. Instead investigate allegations reported to the East St. Louis Board of Elections, the East St. Louis Police Department and St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly: mail theft from mail boxes and homes, mail carriers who were paid not to deliver second absentee ballots and a questionable ruling by the Illinois Supreme Court about throwing out 1,800 votes for Parks that were cast on a legal ballot.

Agreed on Rauner

I agree with the Belleville News-Democrat article, “Rauner isn’t the problem.” I also agree with the editorial reprinted from the Chicago Tribune, “Needed: Governor who won’t flinch.” Is that ever needed in this state. Just keep hitting these people in the head. BND cartoonist Glenn McCoy has it right on the nose. These politicians are so crooked, they can’t lie in bed straight.

Illinois must change

We have no economy in Illinois. There are businesses leaving in droves and families, too, because they can’t afford to live here. Now we have a governor who is trying to clean up the state. These Democrats, led by House Speaker Michael Madigan, are fighting every step of the way. You need to print articles about supporting this governor; raise some hell in his name.

Support governor

If this situation with the Democrats and Cook County has not destroyed us, please listen to our governor. There are businesses that are leaving the state; obviously the people have elected and approve of Gov. Bruce Rauner. House Speaker Michael Madigan is fighting them every step of the way. Support Rauner. Stop all the stuff that keeps happening to corrupt this state and drive it to bankruptcy.

Test driving, not eyes

I recently paid a visit to renew my driver’s license. I have had no tickets or accidents in more than 25 years. My problem stems from the fact that a young man sat me down and had me put my face on a dirty screen. He proceeded to give me a test very similar to what I had at the eye doctor just five months before. I thought this was the driver’s license place, not the eye doctor. Why would I be reading tiny little letters if I were driving? Where are the signs drivers are supposed to be able to recognize and things like that? So many rules of the road are not an issue and need to be. This is ridiculous to take an eye test.

Plenty of food

I don’t understand how anybody in the metro-east can have food insecurity. There is the SNAP program, also known as food stamps. There are food pantries, sometimes multiple ones. Now we have to provide kids with breakfast and lunch in the summertime? I’d like to know where the money for food benefits is going.

Put it in print

I see in the newspaper that teachers are retiring, and then it says to “see more online.” But what about the people who don’t have a computer? Let’s see the full information in print articles. It seems you are forcing computer use and not satisfying those without.

Moving forward

Applause for the aldermen approving the enhancements to the iconic Our Lady of the Snows complex. Historians will highlight the economic strategy as a key to the city’s move into a new century. No more static satisfaction for bold Belleville. Embrace the evolution and enjoy the authentic ambiance, or be banned to the generic pop-up places along the interstates.

Cason needs to go

Here we go again. Newspaper space is being wasted on St. Clair County Associate Judge Laninya Cason’s whining about the poor performance ratings she receives from her peers in the court system. Of course she has to pull the race, gender and political cards to try to save face. Maybe she can claim someone pushed her down again. Why is this woman still on the bench?

Puzzled by sentence

I totally do not understand U.S. Magistrate David Herndon’s decision to give one day in the St. Clair County Jail to Linda Connor, convicted stealing $300,000 of Washington Park village funds. She served three years in federal lockup, was released and immediately broke probation. How does he think that one day in a county jail is going to be shocking to Connor when three years in a federal lockup apparently had no impact on her?

Obama’s dream

Maybe you missed the news of wearing orange reently in honor of the young black girl who attended President Obama’s inauguration who was caught in the crossfire of gangs in Chicago. Chicago has four times the number of gang members as police. Cities with the most restrictive gun control laws have the highest crime rates. Obama’s Department of Justice is tying the hands of the police. Baltimore’s crime rate has tripled since the police were told to stand down. Obama is working toward his dream of a national police force, among other reasons, to destroy the fabric of America.

Trash problems

Regarding the St. Clair County ftrash pick-up: Would they please have a designated place for people to take their trash? People go in after dark, go through trash and make a mess of other people’s yards. I think there needs to be a designated trash site to dump large items.

A new cartoon low

BND cartoonist Glenn McCoy has reached a new low with his cartoon about Caitlyn Jenner. I didn’t think anyone could stoop that low.

Kudos to McCoy

Kudos to BND cartoonist Glenn McCoy for putting the truth in cartoon form. Everybody is talking about radical Islam as the problem. I wanted to define it differently: It’s Islam itself that is the problem.

Taxpayers hit again

Don't you just love it when another overpaid politician like St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay stands up and tells you how hard he's going to work to get everybody $15 an hour minimum wage? He only forgot to mention who's going to pay for all that: the working taxpayer, not Slay.