Letters to the Editor

Reasons to vote out Shimkus

As a former resident of the Signal Hill neighborhood, I followed local politics closely. Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert has reminded us of the Mark Foley scandal in 2006.

What is left out is the local connection: U.S. Rep. John Shimkus, who represents Illinois’ 15th Conrgressional District. Foley resigned from Congress in 2006 after being accused of sending sexually explicit electronic messages to congressional pages. Shimkus was the head of the page board. He knew about the kind of stuff going on and concealed it from many people, including his own party. Of all members of Congress, Shimkus was an accessory to Foley’s disgusting actions, but Shimkus is still in office.

What kind of voter is in Illinois District15? Shimkus is a scumbag but district voters keep re-electing him. On top of all this sexual perversion stuff, Shimkus promised to stay in office for a limited time, which expired four terms ago or so.

Time to get this ethically tarnished guy out of office, Illinois District 15 voters.

Paul Thompson

Sioux Falls, S.D.