Letters to the Editor

Keep better track of ballots

I see a simple answer to this absentee ballot vote fraud. All absentee ballots should be numbered (as they probably are), but whoever picks one up, it must be signed out to him or her. Then when there’s a problem, officials look up the number and they have a name to ask what went wrong.

How did the person who allegedly signed all these ballots get so many ballots in the first place? Do we just hand them out by the handfuls as it seems? Why do we hand them out months ahead of the election? There should be a time limit of not more than two weeks before any election. If you are gone for a month or more before the election, that’s your problem and you just don’t vote or you come home and vote.

When I was in the service overseas I didn’t vote as most other service people don’t vote. Too bad for us. We didn’t cry about it.

There could be a limit on how many absentee ballots are printed in the first place. If you want to vote that bad and there are no more ballots available, you’ll find a way to get to the polls somehow that day or you just won’t vote.

Only one-fourth or fewer of the registered voters vote anyway.

Dennis Kaufmann