Letters to the Editor

Skewed picture in editorial

The BND editorial “Going green at a big price” (May 26) contained incorrect numbers, used poor math, and didn’t correctly identify the organization involved. This was an error-filled editorial, and it needs to be corrected.

The editorial identified Splash City as the entity that installed the panels, but it was the Collinsville Area Recreation District that installed the solar panels at Splash City (CARD’s water park). This may seem to be a small discrepancy, but this fundamental mistake speaks to the sloppiness of the details in the remainder of the editorial.

As stated in the editorial, 49 percent of the total cost was paid by Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation. This would make CARD’s outlay approximately $435,206 and not the $853,347 as claimed in the editorial. That is sloppy reporting. Further, the April savings of $700 on CARD’s electric bill was a partial month savings and shows immediate return on investment. The yearly savings will be about $27,500, ensuring a payback within 16 years (solar panels have an operational life exceeding 25 years). Sloppy.

Also, the panels will operate year round and provide CARD corporate offices with electricity even when Splash City is not open. The editorial implied the savings would be reduced because Splash City is not open year round. More sloppiness.

The editorial used the wrong cost, a partial month of savings, and inaccurate operational time to incorrectly calculate a 101-year payback. I can’t decide if this is sloppy or just uninformed.

I sincerely hope the writer will make a better attempt to understand the issues, the finances and even the organizations involved in the future.

Patrick Collins

President, Board of Commissioners

Collinsville Area Recreation District