Letters to the Editor

Hypocrisy is a worse disease

Most often I ignore small minds who thrill from degrading people rather than dissecting problems, but this time I’ll respond to letter writer Larry McClintick’s accusations. He accused me of attacking writer Leon Anderson, a man who served his country. I’d say Anderson is quite capable of defending himself with the pen. However, I do thank Anderson for serving his country, as well as inform McClintick that my relatives are presently serving this country. One just returned from Iraq and another is about to be deployed overseas. So let’s give praise to all servicemen and women.

McClintick also accused me of the following:

▪  That I’ve never had a job that didn’t involve being on the public dole. If being an educator for 33 years is on the public dole, then so be it.

▪  That I couldn’t function if I didn’t hide behind the race card. If McClintick knew me, he’d know I’ve never hidden behind any card. I openly cover the ground I shadow.

▪  That I should thank God I live in America. The same goes for McClintick. My people were probably already building America’s wealth when his reached America’s shores.

▪  That I have the incurable mental disease of liberalism. A worse disease is hypocrisy. Liberals don’t antagonize people of other religions by drawing cartoons of their leaders. Would McClintick want a mockery made of Jesus Christ? Not until he learned Jesus Christ was actually my color.

Frankie Seaberry