Letters to the Editor

Sad story, happy ending

There are a lot of mistreated dogs out there and I have a hard time looking the other way. This is a story of one’s loyalty.

On his way home the other day, just outside Freeburg, my brother noticed a dog lying next to a single tree in the middle of a field just off the highway. Thinking the animal may have been struck by a car, he stopped to investigate.

The dog was confused but physically unharmed and very friendly. Now here’s the kicker: This poor fellow was obviously dumped because every time a car would pass his ears would perk up and his tail would wag. He obviously was wondering if this was the family he loved coming back for him. He was even reluctant to leave the place where he was abandoned for the very same reason.

But this story has a happy ending. He will never see his old family again and he was placed in a home where he can show his unconditional love to a new, compassionate family.

I personally do not know anyone capable of doing such a heartless thing. But if I did, I would most certainly have to second-guess his or her character.

Thomas L. Ripley