Letters to the Editor

Selective history bebunked

In his recent letter to the BND, Gene Robke shows he didn’t get it.

During the Ford, Reagan and Clinton administrations there were terrorist attacks. With Jimmy Carter there was the hostage crisis with Iran.

With limitations of 250 words, I used the closest attacks prior to George W. Bush to make my point: that terrorist were at war with the United States prior to the 9/11. For the longest time, we’ve treated these attacks as random, not unified, acts. This is why, after the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration not only went after the Taliban in Afghanistan but Saddam Hussein in Iraq, to resolve issues that were a threat to the United States.

When contradicted, the left doesn’t care about relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions because they don’t fit their narrative. And weapons of mass destruction are more than nuclear, they include chemical and biological weapons as well, which Saddam used against Iran in the Iran-Iraq war and his own citizens. This, despite agreeing to a treaty against the development and use of such weapons, long before the Iran-Iraq war.

As far as Bush lied, recently Bob Woodward, of Watergate fame, did his own investigation on such and proclaims the Bush administration didn’t lie. The New York Times and CBS News reported, in 2005, that what wasn’t found in Iraq was moved to other countries incrementally. Their source, Demetrius Perricos, chief inspector at the UNMOVIC, who replaced Hans Blix.

So much for Robke’s selective history lesson.

Russell C. Fette