Letters to the Editor

Say ‘no’ to gambling in Swansea

On Monday the Swansea Board of Trustees will vote on an ordinance that will allow video gambling to invade the family-friendly village. The mayor and board are not seeking any community input prior to the vote.

The new video gambling machines are not your father’s slot machines. They are sophisticated computers designed to keep people playing until their money runs out. The gambling industry calls this “playing till extinction.”

One study in Oregon showed that a regular lottery player loses an average of $106 per year, but the regular video gambler loses an average of $2,564 per year. Another study found that for every dollar the government takes from gamblers, it will cost the taxpayers $3 in social welfare costs.

Government should not be involved in actively exploiting human weaknesses in order to make a profit. I implore the Swansea mayor and board to protect people from exploitation and vote “no” on video gambling.

Tim Buchanan