Letters to the Editor

BND bashes wrong people

The BND’s “Our View” continues to bash Illinois educators for the state’s current pension problems. Seriously?

Were these educators required to participate in a mandatory and state-run pension program? Yes, they were. They had no choice in the matter.

Who did have a choice in this matter? It was our state legislators for the past 30-plus years. Instead of providing yearly for the pension fund, as they were required to do by law, they chose to divert those funds to their pet projects so that they could buy votes for their re-election campaigns.

I am tired of hearing the BND make blatant statements that Illinois educators’ lucrative pension benefits are the reason of this problem. That is the same thing as making the victim responsible for a crime committed against him or her. The vast majority of pensioners’ benefits are not lucrative, just earned.

For once, point the finger where it belongs. What part of “we did what was asked of us” doesn’t the BND understand? In the previous sentence, the word “we” refers to Illinois teachers and administrators, not Illinois legislators.

Darrell Sy

Fairview Heights