Letters to the Editor

Regain our pride in appearance

Look at the trash along our streets and byways. There have always been those who disposed of their trash by just throwing it out the door or window.

While I was in Germany, that country passed a law against using plastic containers such as bottles. The plastic bottles floated in the streams and rivers and fish ate some of the smaller plastic items, therefore the law. Clean streams and streets were important.

Look along our roads and streets, what do you see? Yep, trash of all kinds. We used to have people who cleaned our streets and roads and made necessary repairs to our streets and infrastructure. Now they say, “We don’t like that kind of work” or “We need more money.”

It seems to get worse every day here in America. Everything is individually wrapped in paper or plastic. No one is taught to clean up after themselves. No responsibilities, no morals, no respect for property or neighborhoods. Wearing clothes we used to tear up for cleaning rags. Wearing t-shirts with logos to work in almost every type of job or profession. No good dress code, no pride in appearance, no need to look neat.

Years ago people thought that was the way people did things in dictatorial or communist countries. Maybe they were right.

Everyone wants to drive the car but no one wants to be the engine or the wheels to make it run and roll along.

Lew Hiatt