Letters to the Editor

Police deserve support, respect

I would like to reinforce a contention set forth in the letter by Steve Frazier on June 5 titled, “Give police the proper support.” Personally, I say give them more than that. Give them proper respect, too.

A career in law enforcement is based upon a desire to serve. It is not for anyone out for personal gain or to accumulate wealth. Police officers often take risks and put their lives on the line for the safety and protection of others. Ironically and unfortunately, their work is not always appreciated by all whom they serve. In times recent, there has been far less appreciation for police officers and what they do.

As Frazier pointed out, city blocks of Ferguson and Baltimore were allowed to burn as malcontents briefly seized control. That is what can easily happen in the absence of law enforcement.

In the later 1960s and early 1970s, there were record numbers of assaults and attacks on police officers. This was primarily because police were doing what had to be done to quell violence generated by hippies and peaceniks in relation to the Vietnam War. A bumper sticker then read: “If you don’t like police, next time you need help call a hippie.” I wish I could find such a sticker now; I would gladly put it to use.

Frank B. Austin