Letters to the Editor

Lori will be missed

I was saddened to read Jay Tebbe’s recent editorial that announced that long-time BND editorial page editor, Lori Browning, will be leaving the BND staff.

I don’t know Lori personally, nor have we ever met. I’ve long admired her work over breakfast or coffee and have often shared her thoughts and points of view with friends and acquaintances.

By my crude estimation, she’s provided BND readers with roughly 9,500 editorials, not to mention tens of thousands of letters to the editor and sound-off inputs she’s reviewed, edited and published.

I find it challenging to generate a letter to the editor or so each week. Meanwhile, Lori has mastered the seemingly impossible; she’s pumped out in-depth, and well-researched editorials every day for almost 26 years. Apparently no writer’s blocks or vacations for her.

Tebbe said her main focus has been injustice, politicians behaving badly, tax money being wasted, unfair or unethical practices and corruption. Sad to say, our local community, county and state government officials have provided her with a target-rich environment over the years.

She was more often than not successful in getting her target in the cross hairs and then letting them have it. She shot down more than her share of targets of opportunity.

No doubt Lori will be missed.

I hope Jay Tebbe will make good on his promise and the editorial page “will continue to stand for freedom of speech and democracy.” I hope that her replacements will pick up all the balls she was juggling and then run with them.

Bill Malec