Letters to the Editor

Bishops’ focus

The Catholic bishops assembled in St. Louis last week to grapple with Pope Francis’ focus on the poor, according to the BND report (June 12). It is not surprising that their attention has been focused on giving more support and resources to a religious freedom issue. There’s more at stake there, as Archbishop William Lori points out: agencies ... may not be able to continue operating.

Largely in the club of appointees chosen by John Paul II and Benedict, these men were chosen for their adherence to an institutional church, not primarily for the concerns of members.

So it is no surprise that many continue with the status quo, giving the pope’s messages a lukewarm reception. Was it Mark’s Jesus who points out a further calling to the rich young man who turns away at that point?

Perhaps some cardinals and bishops are similarly afflicted. After all, they dress opulently, live in opulent surroundings and continue to drive a hierarchical and authoritarian engine in which monies are channeled upward — a lot to let go of.

We don’t have to look far to know about that dynamic. Or, to paraphrase Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York, who snappishly put it to working journalist, Morley Safer: You live in one world, I live in another.

We are all too familiar with that notion.

Richard Wagner