Letters to the Editor

Illinois’ problem

It’s been pointed out multiple times, Kevin Gagen writes errors, liberal party line and his fallacies as the truth according to him ... under the super majority Democratic House and Senate with a Democratic governor, they ran a study about raising business taxes and high personal income taxes. They would accept large increases in their taxes, Sears, Caterpillar, John Deere, large insurance national headquarters, etc., all informed Illinois after the Democrats passed the legislation, they were moving out of state. To keep them in Illinois they had to rescind the law and give them more discounts.

The problem with Illinois is tax and spend, spend, spend. The Democrats got gambling to finance schools and even lower or eliminate property tax. Well the Democrats failed on spending. They took all state money from schools. There is your no financing. The Democratic legislature spent the money as a windfall, next came the income tax raise. They did the same thing again.

Our problem in Illinois is Chicago Democrats control the House and Senate. They passed lots of social welfare bills. The only problem, Mr. Gagen, is they robbed the pension funds. They used Department of Natural Resources funds to buy land. They used road money to pay for their social services. Take a good look at how long we have had a Chicago-controlled Democratic House and Senate. This is Illinois’ problem.

Bob Dagner