Letters to the Editor

Sharing the wealth

In 1974 this writer got a promotion which came with a company car. I picked up my 1974 Chevy Impala at Enterprise in St. Louis, it was more or less a local business at that time. Who but Jack Taylor could have envisioned this spectacular growth.

The President of Forest Park for Ever, Leslie Hoffarth said, “We are lucky that the Taylors call St Louis home.” Indeed, we are. This is not the first time the Taylors gave away millions instead. The $92.5 million they recently donated went to the St. Louis Symphony, St. Louis Art Museum, Missouri Botanical Garden and Forest Park —all enjoyed by metro-east residents. Millions went to St. Luke’s Hospital and Red Cross, and Ranken Technical College received $5 million to help low-income students to pay for classes. There were additional groups who received money from largesse of the Taylors.

Here is my point, the Taylors, like many wealthy people, give freely without much fanfare. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the two richest men in America, have given away billions. Taxing the rich more is wrong headed. Just imagine what our government would do if they got their hands on more of the billionaires’ money. How stupid is this — we punish success in America and reward those who are unproductive. That company car I got, I had to pay taxes for personal use, my punishment for being successful.

William H. Bremen Sr.