Letters to the Editor

A special thank you

The BND recently published an article commending mail carrier Don Fix for his alertness that helped rescue a Swansea couple. I also commend Mr. Fix. In fact, the men and women who deliver our mail in all kinds of weather and who often help us in a myriad of ways deserve special acknowledgment. I especially commend and thank my own postman, Donnie Tomplin, for his caring actions and watching out for me as he delivers my mail. He is a jewel in my crown of supporters.

BND readers also need to know that all is well at East St. Louis “The Dr. Katie School” (Katie Harper-Wright Elementary School). As the school’s namesake and an often guest there, I am thrilled at the marvelous programs presented by the well-trained, well-behaved students. Principal Maria White Burton, teachers, other staff and parents do a fantastic job with the more than 500 students. Their recent “I Have a Dream” presentation and fifth-grade bridging ceremony were delightful. It is my opinion that the programmatic success will transcend into enhanced academic (reading, math and science) skills.

Go, Wright Elementary.

Katie H. Wright

East S. Louis