Letters to the Editor

Inequalities and wealth

When did income inequality begin? It began so long ago I’m sure none of us was there. But let’s consider what most probably transpired. In a communal society everyone shares the burden and is expected to contribute in whatever manner their talent and ability allows. After a time some groups produced more of something than they could consume and others produced less of some of the things they would consume. So they traded their surpluses and everyone remained equal. But we also had groups that had more deficiencies than they had surpluses. These groups provided the necessity that lead to the creation of currency. Some groups had more surpluses than they had deficiencies and through the accumulation of surplus currency they accumulated what became known as wealth.

That same principle still applies today. Some people create much less than they consume. Since creation cannot be negative and because non-creation can be real the bottom amount cannot go down. But the ability and talents of some allow them to create much, much more than they can consume.

So the question to be answered is how responsible are we as a society to ensure that the difference in production does not grow too large and the accumulations of the folks who produce more than they can consume do not become greater than the accumulations of others? Are we to limit the amount of non-production or limit the amount of surplus?

So long as ability and effort are unequal so will the results, rewards and the accumulations of wealth.

Brad Sewell