Letters to the Editor

Not to blame

I would like to reply to Lori Felts’ June 12 letter asking, “What about Obama’s lies?”

Lori Felts says that maybe President Bush did lie so he could have war in Iraq. Personally, I do not believe that President Bush wanted war in Iraq any more than any of the rest of us did. However, President Bush was fed some bad intelligence and erroneous information about Iraq inasmuch as President Kennedy was about Cuba in 1961. The result for President Kennedy and our nation was the humiliating Bay of Pigs fiasco. President Bush should be no more blamed for Iraq than President Kennedy should be blamed for the Bag of Pigs disaster in Cuba.

As for asking about Obama’s lies, let us remember Bill Clinton’s lies. Clinton’s presidency was our most disgraceful one ever. As for Obama and Clinton, there is not a dime’s worth of difference between either one of them.

Frank B. Austin