Letters to the Editor

Has the US let ISIS in?

Thanks to our wonderful president and his “open borders” policy, there are more people coming into this country than the government can possible monitor. And it would be a safe bet to think that members of ISIS are among them.

ISIS has already released a video vowing to execute a terrorist attack on American soil. It would take nothing for one or two terrorists with a few hand grenades to wipe out a bus full of school children. Or for a handful of terrorists with assault weapons to walk into any church and slaughter everyone there. Who would stop them?

I pray that it will never happen, but it’s time to pull our heads out of the sand.

But if there is an terrorist attack here, I can guarantee two things: First, Obama will promise to get to the bottom of it and then he will blame the attack on the “policies of the previous administration.” Count on it.

Gerard Luebbers