Letters to the Editor

Misplaced blame

It’s hilarious, watching Republicans on the GOP presidential clown car squirm after having their pictures taken with Josh Duggar. It’s comical watching some shoot themselves in the foot, over the “Iraq War” question. Some are trying to blame Hillary for the war, because she voted for the authorization.

Hillary Clinton didn’t fabricate the yellow cake and aluminum tubes lies, make the link between Saddam and 9-11, remove weapons inspector Hans Blix from Iraq, order the bombing to begin or declare “Mission Accomplished.” Bush did.

Most of Iraq’s chemical weapons use took place in the 1980s, when the Reagan administration was helping Iraq develop it’s chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs. United Nations weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, stated in 1999, “Iraq today possesses no meaningful weapons of mass destruction.” He said that Iraq had destroyed 90 percent of it’s Weapons of Mass Destruction after their last use in 1991.

Hillary didn’t put incompetent Paul Bremmer in charge of Iraqi Reconstruction. Bush did. Bremmer’s de-Baathification caused over 40,000 Iraqi troops to take their weapons home and use them against our troops. They also set Improvised Explosive Devices to kill our troops. Now they are members of ISIS.

On March 29, 2013, George W. Bush stated, “The Iraq War was unnecessary and too costly to justify,” “My administration exaggerated threats,” “The entire war was the biggest mistake of my life.” The blood and agony of the Iraq war is solely on the hands of those who elected Bush twice.

Gene Robke