Letters to the Editor

Freedoms and power

As for Jordan Richardson’s article, former legal of the Heritage Foundation, over criminalization, our right of freedom of speech has been over criminalized with anonymous phone calls. I have not ruined Obama’s reputation. He has caused his own destruction for greedy purposes by violating our laws.

Liberal in his case is not bound by orthodox or established form of political or religious beliefs, independent of opinion.

Gov. Bruce Rauner will have to contend with the deficit by Obama and Quinn. Both should be responsible by paying back all they wasted.

Obama and Castro don’t believe in progress. Without labor there is no progress, that’s the foundation of a country — no gain, without work, no responsibility.

Dictators today mean: A ruler who enjoys usurped powers, beyond constitutional restraint like Mussolini, Hitler and several others without authority. Law enforcement with a warped mind, without knowledge of right versus wrong, without wisdom. (The New American Encyclopedia of 1946, “State’s rights versus federal power.”)

When the rights of the people become a crisis, a leader takes by unusual power. The crisis may pass, but the leader and his power remain. The legislators become mere shadows, puppets or disappear. Then the courts go or disappear. All personal liberties go and the complete dictator emerges, self-appointed, without morals. Masquerade a democracy (acting or living under false pretenses) dictators destroy their own families. Progress is not a trap. Earn it with life, liberty and justice for all, not to be divided. Restore that which God supplied. Restore America with a president.

Betty Storll