Letters to the Editor

A father’s hands do a lot

Of all the apps out there, think about all those things a father’s hands do day after day.

Emotions fill your eyes and silly grievances melt away as you hold his hands in yours. Those hands have held a newborn baby or two or three, (in our case 13), helping bring life into the world. Those hands have dried many a tear and held and calmed you down in gentleness and love; never anger. They have faithfully worked to earn a living.

Those hands have played and tickled and changed a few diapers (in our case over 100,000). They have mowed grass and painted a tree house. With nerves of steel and superhero strength those hands helped navigate a teenager or two or 13 through life’s rocky passages and driver’s education (whereas mom would rather give birth on a crowded bus.)

Those hands have retrieved many a 5-year-old critters and sworn never to tell mom how they got in. They also rescued that 5-year-old from the swimming pool when she drifted a little farther out and Dad had to jump in, clothes and all.

Those hands have fixed many a broken toy, window and heart. Those hands have reached out and helped others.

Yes, the wrinkled hands and roughness are worn as a badge of honor for the urban battlefields they fought and conquered. And when minor infractions threaten my peace, I just look at those hands and I feel blessed. Happy Father’s Day.

Angela Michael