Letters to the Editor

More fatal shootings

There were more shootings in East St. Louis and those truly innocent victims of violence have no one protesting, no one like the Revs. Sharpton and Jackson flying in to stir up fervor over those deaths. Don’t these black lives matter? Why aren’t they being represented by the Black Lives Matter organizations? Because they were killed by other blacks. These aren’t people doing something they shouldn’t and in their encounter with police lose their lives.

What has happened to this country and the apparent values that some seem to be supporting. What has happened that has made this country the laughing stock of the world? Have we so lost our moral compass that people champion criminals over right and wrong? Where they stand up for violent offenders who threaten police, who riot in support of thugs losing their lives attacking officers who were just doing their jobs, where they loot and steal in support of these ideals?

Police are being shot at and sometimes murdered just because they are in that profession yet no one is protesting for those lives. Have we so lost our way that we support violence against police? Have our news organizations become so focused on ratings in broadcasting these ridiculous ideals that profit is before right and wrong? By broadcasting them the way they do incites more violence and more unrest even though it is wrong, yet it brings in those ratings and with that advertising or in other words money.

What happened?

John Bauer

New Baden