Letters to the Editor

Sound-off 6/22/15

Our readers comment on the week’s news in our Sound-off column.

Is it necessary?

Your article on Regional School Superintendent Martha O’Malley’s career raises the following questions: If from 1963 to 1993, the Regional School Superintendent’s office increased from 4 to 120 employees, how many are employed in that office today? Why does it take a superintendent’s office and 120 employees to supervise school district superintendents and their assistants who make $135,000 to $200,000 in salary? There are 102 counties in the state of Illinois. If each has a regional superintendent’s office to supervise the district superintendent, how much money is spent before you pay the first teacher? Should this office be eliminated?

IDOT replacements

Come on Gov. Rauner, there has to be some Republicans who need jobs. At IDOT, Ross Brekenridge, and Ken Sharkey hold two jobs that are appointed by the governor. There has got to be a Republican that needs one of these high-paying jobs to get these two out who vigorously campaigned against you.

Social engineering

Now the president wants to go into social engineering. If he wants to see how that works, somebody should invite him to go down and ride on Missouri Avenue and look at the high-rise, low-income housing there. And, these have been refurbished once. It won’t work, Mr. President. If you don’t have to work for something, you don’t have any pride in it and you won’t keep it up.

Investigate residency

While selective East St. Louis voter fraud is being investigated,p lease stop ignoring and investigate the blatant residency fraud of numerous East St. Louis elected and appointed officials. including the new mayor, the new appointed council members and state representative. This is why most of the city of East St. Louis staff do not abide by the residency requirement.

Severe punishment

I just read the front page article about Sierra Jackson, who is charged with the murder and concealing of a death of her infant son. If this isn’t a case where the punishment shouldn’t include sterilization, so that this woman doesn’t bring any more victims into the world, I can’t think of one that is.

Double thanks

Thank God for people like Father Clyde Grogan and Joe Hubbard. Those two men truly do God’s work here on earth.

High mileage

I read that Belleville is purchasing 22 new patrol cars because, according to Mayor Eckert many of the existing cars have 100,000 miles on them. The mayor needs to get up to date regarding modern automobiles. Today’s cars, if properly maintained, will go 200,000 to 300,000 miles without exceptional maintenance. So, get with the times. And, they are being purchased from an out-of-town dealer. What happened to buy Belleville first, Mr. Mayor?

Belleville first?

I saw in the paper where the Belleville City Council voted to spend $215,000 to buy nine police cars at Tri-Ford, in Highland. What happened to buy Belleville first?

Shop Belleville

Around certain times of the year, the mayor has signs put up saying, “Shop Belleville.” Then why would they go to Tri-Ford for their police cars when they have other car dealers right here in Belleville? What was the reasoning behind that? I thought you said ,“Shop Belleville.”

Pension sollution

I was reading Marcia Boon Campbell’s article, “Tell the truth on State Pensions” and how we ended up this way. Let’s do that. Teachers, when they retire at 55 and 57, get 75 percent of their salaries with cost of living thrown in every year. It will never be fixed. Unless we stop the cost of living increase, make them work until 60 or 62 like people in the real world, which may solve some of the problems. And eliminate the thought that they said the state is taking money out of the teacher’s retirement system. Once money has gone into that system it has never been taken it out.

Right on

In response to Marcia Boon Campbell’s letter to the editor on June 14 about state pensions and how the BND is handling it, all I say to her is “amen,” sister, you are right on.

Check the facts

In regard to Marcia Boon Campbell’s letter regarding teachers’ pensions, the BND should do a fact-check on her statement that retired teachers have only a modest income. Her figures come out to about $40,000 per retiree. But most retired teachers and administrators I know, receive quite a bit more along with guaranteed 3 percent raises every year and free health care. Most people would kill for that kind of pension.

No participation

Stookey Township held an advertised public hearing on June 8 to discuss and approve the funds for the township and township roads. However, Township Supervisor David Bone, would not let the public participate by asking questions or making any comments on the draft budget. He stated the hearing was for board members only. This is a direct violation of the Illinois Open Meeting Act, which requires the allowance of public input and participation. He has violated the public’s right to be heard.

Cahokia voters

In the City of Cahokia, even though we have an occupancy ordinance stating that to live in a house you must be on the occupancy permit, the city’s new attorney, Bob Sprague, says you don’t need to be on the permit to vote from any house in Cahokia. In the next election, I should be able to register 15 or 20 people in my house, since all they are going to use it for is the voting rights. Maybe all the real residents of Cahokia, the ones who really voted, should do that in the next election. Then maybe Bob Sprague, the McCall team and the St. Clair county goons won’t win. Remember, you don’t have to live here to vote here. And if we stop you from voting, that’s called voter suppression.

No pool

Recently, a St. Louis television program highlighted the communities that had swimming pools that included lazy rivers, water slides, splash pads and other water park type attractions. It was surprising how many communities on both sides of the river found ways to afford such amenities for their residents. And, here in Belleville, we can’t even figure out how to afford a pool.

Support Rauner

Attention women, sports women, men and sports men. Support Rauner regarding the Sparta Shooting Complex, or we will never be free of the mess Mike Madigan and company has created for the state of Illinois.

Man of action

Listen to the Democrats screaming and wailing, and if I was there and could see it, there would be a gnashing of teeth. They can’t stand we have a real man in the governor’s office and he is going to tackle this craziness that is going on in the state. This governor is doing the right thing, and what must be done to save this state. And all you crybabies are the ones who brought in all these stupid programs in that nobody wants and nobody can afford. Live in the real world now. If you don’t have the money now, you don’t buy it.

Clear the drains

It’s quite evident no one from IDOT has driven across the Poplar Street Bridge. When you come back into Illinois, you need to fix the drains. There was a foot of water standing on the highway, near the Route 3 exit. The drains are clogged and that is an accident waiting to happen. No wonder our highways are so poor, you are so lazy you don’t even clean out the drains on the highway, what will it take a death to get the upkeep done?

Signal, please

In last Monday’s Sound-off, the caller was telling how to use the roundabout the right way. It would be nice to put on your blinker if you are exiting, so the oncoming traffic knows when to enter the roundabout.

Swansea gambling

I live in Swansea and I was hoping the video gambling would be voted down, but I see in the paper it has passed. I’ve been living here for a few years and I’ve noticed the income of Swansea has come down considerably. You put people who do not have money, who live on Link Cards, and this other crazy stuff, tend to go to gambling. The people who have Social Security go gambling. Then they don’t have any money, don’t have any food. Why did Swansea ever do something like this? Because they want more money? This little village will be like everybody else. It’s going to be poor.

Do something

Come on Belleville. Put your heads together and get rid of Freedom drive Apartments and put in a high rise for single mothers on Section 8 only with small children. It’s time to do something about Freedom Drive Apartments.

Benefits denied

Isn’t it hypocritical for the owners of Hobby Lobby to deny their employees birth control as part of their health care benefits because of their Christina beliefs? The majority of the items they sell in their store are made in China, which is the abortion capital of the world. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if these so-called Christians would walk the talk?

Hillary Clinton

I plan to vote for Hillary Clinton for president. First, she is a woman; second, a new grandmother. She has waited long enough and it is her turn. She is a Democrat who has progressive socialist ideas. She will keep all the Democratic social programs for those who need a handout and do not want to work. I like the idea of taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Hillary and Bill established the Clinton Foundation, and it has been reported that 80 percent of these donations go to expenses. Some expenses are vacations, trips to foreign countries. If she can do this and get away with it, just think what she can do to the federal budget if she becomes president. A new slogan would be: Vote for me, I am a woman and it is my turn.

Bill Clinton

I can’t believe the Democrats use Bill Clinton as their poster boy. Every time I see him, I think if he was a teacher, and Monica Lewinsky was his student, and he used his position to coerce her into having sexual activity with him, he would now be a registered sex offender instead of a wannabe for the husband of the next president.

Belleville cameras

Regarding the cameras in Belleville, the mayor claimed that if they had cameras they would have been able to find a lost child that was in the crowd. I have a question about the Bicentennial event where there was a man murdered. We have no closure for the victim’s family and the citizens of Belleville when there is a murderer on the loose.

Golf coverage

Your lack of printing golf news is unacceptable. On Thursday, the US Open started, but for the last month there were no golf scores. No Friday, Saturday or Sunday, only Monday.

No thanks?

The worst team in baseball last year gets hacked and suddenly their record is respectable, they should be happy the Cardinals hacked into their website.