Letters to the Editor

A shortage of doctors

Why is Memorial Hospital looking to the BJC Health Group. There is a shortage of doctors in the area with the advent of opening the new Memorial Hospital in O’Fallon. You now have doctors covering three hospitals. The association with BJC would allow for the staffing of interns from Barnes Jewish in St. Louis.

Doctors who are already squeezed by hospital administrator fear that the introduction of interns working for much less money would give hospital management the opportunity to squeeze even harder. There was a time when someone making the financial commitment and years required to become a physician had great financial rewards, not today. Hospital administrators, Medicare and now Obamacare has reduced doctors’ income to such low levels that many are leaving the profession.

Malpractice insurance in plaintiff paradise is another issue that physicians face; one of the reasons so many contract with hospitals who pick up this coverage. Malpractice might be a hang-up when negotiating with BJC.

How much input did doctors have in the planning and construction of the new hospital in O’Fallon? If you said nothing you would be right. It seems hospital administrators have a great deal in common with the political leaders, vote for it now, you’ll find out what’s in it after it passes.

William H. Bremen Sr.